The sun rises, with new possibilities and new hopes. It is almost tangible, the changes a person can commit to in one day. You reach out and grasp at the notions that, in one day, your life can shift to a new.

I am lucky enough to be the type of person that can see what I want. Not just see I guess, I can envision the change or path that I crave the most. It is a daily practice. I see the new deep orange and I imagine what I can produce from that one, beautiful, new day. 

Some would call it being a positive or  having a ‘glass half full’ outlook. I guess your sort of right, but it’s about so much more than that. For example, trudging through each day, pulling through the depression that threatens your very being. Waiting for that orange, every day wishing and envisioning what you need from life.

One day you see it, the opportunity that you’ve been grasping at. A set of decisions are the only thing between you and the need. You follow them, the tiny glowing wisps of change, caressing their floating energy as you pass each one. The picture becomes crisp as the realization of your dreams focus from the world of thought to reality.

It’s done, you’ve created your visions and gaze at the new day you’ve built. Everything around  you has the same glow around it. That same captivating orange that felt so far away at first sight. Your life morphs and bends with each day into the things dreams are made of. 

There have been quite a few creations from my visions of late. Finding the man of my dreams, and a best friend in him. Having the love that, until recently, I have only read or written about. I am lucky that I could believe and had the ability to notice the floating orange seeds of change. Fortunate that I found the courage to follow them.

I am currently also following wisps that will bring me to where I need to be with my publishing. I handle each one delicately as they are delivered from my minds eye. I have faith that they will lead me to where I see my future heading.

I was recently asked “What’s your plan B?” Flabbergasted, I replied “I don’t need a plan B. This is where my path is taking me. There is no other possibility.” I know I’m right. I can feel it in my bones. My future has already taken root in the curves of my feet, ready to bud and branch up my legs and take hold of my soul.

In the coming blog posts I will be introducing chapters of the first book: Deep Breaths. I have only just started working with an editor that appeared on my news feed. I believe she was sent to me as a direct product of what I envisioned the next steps for me were.

Happy reading all,

Angela Edmonds 

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